A few screenshots

on Jun 30th, 2017 at 17:05

Finally it's time for me to show you some screenshots of « The Inverted Tower », the rogue-lite gamebook i'm making for smartphones (android first). All of these are pure WIP (work in progress) and may change, but be free to comment if something seems weird to you.


Main menu Story text

Choices you have Inventory

More soon!

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What is this game I'm working on?

on May 25th, 2017 at 13:59

That's a pretty neat question, right?
Well, to be brief, it's like a rogue-lite gamebook. It's a gamebook cause it's about reading and making choices, and it's rogue-lite cause you'll never live the same adventure. Of course you won't need any dice or a character sheet, thank you informatics. The first platform I'm going to release the game to is Android, and if people like it (and buy it), I may release it to iOS. When? Maybe at the end of summer if I'm prolific enough.
I don't have a name for the game yet, but I can tell you what it's about: You're an adventurer and you're exploring a dangerous tower to stop a certain someone who's doing mean stuff.

here's a new estimation of the progress :

Story system : 100% (I thought it was done in january but I kept adding some mechanics)
Inventory system : 100% (It's done but need a little tweaking cause of I'm doing on the graphics)
Combat system : 90% (A little bit of AI and sprites and it's good to go)
Character creation : 80% (these remaining 20% are about the different ways I'm adding to start the game)
Items : 20% (it may be more than 20% already, it depends on future content)
Bestiary : 5% (same)
Story : 12% (and here is the content, so for the first release it's about 12% done, but I'll add more content if there's a public)
Graphics : 20% (that's the part I'm on these days, screenshots next time!)
Sounds : 0% (not sure what I want here to be honest)

See you later, alligator!

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Little news

on Apr 26th, 2017 at 20:40

Hello there! Nothing much to say on this end of April, except that my game development is going kinda smoothly. Multiple parts of my code are interconnected, so it's a bit harsh for my brain sometimes but I'll survive. Can't wait to release it, but I need to write way more content before. I'm hoping for a first private release in summer. :)

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Improving some game mechanics

on Mar 23rd, 2017 at 18:45

Hi there!

OMG one month already since the last update. Well, I spent about two weeks during these 4 weeks playing intensively the last Zelda on Nintendo Switch so my productivity wasn't top notch. Meh. It happens. :) (Game is really good btw)

Anyway, my game is still progressing. I thought a lot about two particular mechanics that I didn't intend to implement initially : Going back in a place you visited and Fleeing during combat. To understand the issue, imagine you're playing an interactive story, text only. You get it now. Going back is a feature I'm going to code. I have to be sure that objects in a room are saved correctly (so you find them again when you go back) and I need to write more so not  every place you go back feel empty. About fleeing in combat, it seems really complex to make it right. I'm writing the rooms with the idea that you're alone facing stuff, and having a monster following you (that may happen, I want a coherent experience) is too much to handle. But you can "flee" some combats before, if you're not spotted and go back in a previous room to try another one, or try to go forward by being sneaky. These are viable options. But when you fight, you fight... except if it's a monster stuck in the ground like a plant/tree, well if it's not blocking the exits. Oh my.

I'm improving combat mechanics as well, simplifying some of it and adding some logic choices. The last one was to give the player the possibility of dodging or parrying in a defense situation, therefore not allowing both of them to be tested each time. Same thing for enemies of course. Not sure if I want them to choose the best option everytime or let RNG decide if they prefer to try dodging or parrying.

I'm gonna have a little RPG session on roll20 with the universe of my game this friday. It's always awesome to see how players are interacting with the universe and it's really helpful to adjust some mechanics. Fun incoming! :)

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